7 Creative & Unique 1st Anniversary Gifts

The first wedding anniversary is an important occasion for any married couple! It marks the first milestone in your marriage and sets the tone for all your anniversaries to come. The traditional first anniversary gift is paper, and we have 7 fabulous ideas for you…

1. lifelike-paper-rosespaper-rosesPaper Roses: Whether you choose traditional paper roses with an accompanying message or lifelike paper roses, this is a keepsake you and your spouse can enjoy forever. You get the romantic sentiment of flowers with the traditional touch of “paper”… It’s still our top choice for a first anniversary present!

paper-desk-rose2. Paper Desk Rose: A first anniversary paper rose with a twist– this product is perfect for your hardworking spouse. If he or she spends more time at her desk than anywhere else, what better remind of how much you love them?

first-anniversary-bear3. First Anniversary Teddy Bear: Our “cute and cuddly” teddy bear is a perfect first anniversary keepsake. He holds a single paper rose and wears a shirt that says, “Happy Paper Anniversary.”

toilet-paper4. First Anniversary Toilet Paper Gag Gift: Do you and your significant other share a silly sense of humor? This gift is perfect for all the “jokesters” out there that would like to share a good laugh together on their first anniversary.


kite5. Paper Kite: This is the perfect gift for couples who enjoy the outdoors. If you are planning a picnic or will be at the beach, this is a wonderful “paper” surprise. The best part is the experience you share together!

picnic_set6. Paper Picnic Set: Plan the most romantic picnic together with our paper picnic set that includes our “Happy Anniversary” messaging. It will be a memory the two of your share for years to come.



7. post-itPaper Anniversary Post-Its: Surprise your spouse by “papering” the mirror, car, desk, or bedroom with love notes for your anniversary. We can’t think of a more creative way to start your anniversaries together!


See these and more first anniversary gifts at JustPaperRoses.com!

16th, 17th, and 18th Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year

Need ideas for unique and romantic wedding anniversary gifts for your spouse? At JustPaperRoses, we offer anniversary gifts for almost all years!

In this blog series, we will educate you on the traditional anniversary gifts for each year and showcase some of our favorite products to inspire you!

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16th Wedding Anniversary- Traditional Gift: Wax

16th-17th-18th-anniversaryIt is common knowledge that candles represent romance. And after 16 years together, romance is just what you need on your anniversary! The burning flame of a candle signifies the glowing love you have for one another; the warmth you give each other; and how you light each others’ way.

Our JustCandleRoses are a romantic and memorable way to honor 16 years of wedded bliss. A single JustCandleRose is available as a desk rose as well– the perfect gift “for him!” We also offer a cute “Happy 16th Anniversary” teddy bear holding a single candle rose.


17th Wedding Anniversary- Traditional Gift: Shell

Shells have been said to represent many things– comfort, protection, satisfaction, and good fortune. Each of these things is related to the 17th year of marriage. After 17 years, there is an element of comfort and stability in your relationship. You feel protected and secure. All of this brings you satisfaction in your relationship, and because of that, you feel very fortunate.

Our JustShellRoses are a unique and thoughtful anniversary gift. We also offer the 17th anniversary desk rose and 17th anniversary teddy bear.


18th Wedding Anniversary- Traditional Gift: Feather

Feathers are the traditional gift for the 18th year of marriage. They represent lightness, agility, and flight. After 18 years, your marriage is smooth and graceful, like a bird in flight. You are wise in your relationship and can soar through the next year a happy couple.

Check out our 18th wedding anniversary gifts, including our JustFeatherRoses, our 18th anniversary desk rose, and 18th anniversary teddy bear.


Every year of a couple’s wedding anniversary has special meaning. For more anniversary gift ideas, visit our website!


What Mother’s Day Gift Should I Buy?

Take the quiz to find out!

Top 5 Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

After all she does for you throughout the year, who deserves a special gift from the heart more than your mom? Show her how much you care with one of these thoughtful gifts from JustPaperRoses.com. Our Mother’s Day Gifts range from sentimental to silly. Find the perfect one for one of the most special women in your life.

mothers-day-i-love-you-roseThe I Love You Rose

There’s no better way to say you love her than with our custom, 3D-printed “I Love You” rose. Each of the 5 petals is customizable. We suggest adding children or grandchildren’s names, “Happy Mother’s Day,” or simply, “We love you, Mom!”

The lead time on this product is 4-5 weeks, so order now!


Mother’s Day Teddy Bear

Our snuggly, soft teddy bear is sure to melt mom’s heart. With a custom t-shirt that reads, “Happy Mother’s Day,” it is a keepsake she will treasure for years to come. Our bear is pictured holding a lace rose, but you can select from a variety of our custom, handmade roses.



Mother’s Day Desk Rose

Our desk roses are perfect for all of the working moms out there. What a beautiful reminder of your appreciation of all her hard work! You can choose from a selection of any of our handmade roses, and the pot includes a “Happy Mother’s Day” tag.



Mother’s Day Paper Roses

This beautiful bouquet that never wilts or dies is a thoughtful keepsake any mom will treasure. Each rose is customized with words or a special photograph.



Mother’s Day Lifelike Paper Roses

These lifelike paper roses give you the sentiment of a real bouquet but last a lifetime! Our roses are handmade and stand about 17″ tall. You can select from red, purple, or yellow flowers or mix the colors.


Shop these Mother’s Day Gifts and more at JustPaperRoses.com!


Our Top 5 Hilarious Toilet Paper Gag Gifts

Do you and your significant other have a good sense of humor? Our custom toilet paper rolls make the perfect gag gifts for a lighthearted couple that enjoys a good laugh. Check out our top 10!

1. Happy Anniversary Toilet Paper:

Surprise your spouse with our “Happy Anniversary” toilet paper first thing in the morning, and start out your special day with a good laugh! (We even have a special roll for your first anniversary gag gift!)

2. I Love You from Top to Bottom Toilet Paper:


Great for an anniversary gag gift or just because, this toilet paper is our best seller!

3. Love is Sharing a Roll Toilet Paper


We think true love means sharing a roll, don’t you? Make your significant other smile with this hilarious sentiment.

4. Life is Like a Roll of Toilet Paper


Do you know someone reaching an “over the hill” birthday milestone? Give them a good chuckle with this TP– “Life is like a roll of toilet paper. The closer you get to the end, the faster it goes!”


5. 4 “Rolls” of Marriage Toilet Paper


This hilarious toilet paper shows the 4 “rolls” of marriage. Perfect for a bachelor or bachelorette gag gift, this TP is sure to get a laugh.

Our toilet paper rolls make the perfect hilarious gag gifts. Just replace the roll, and wait for the laughter! Check out all our toilet paper gag gifts for these and more!

12 Random Declarations of Love for Your Spouse… Just Because!

You don’t need an occasion to show your significant other how you feel! Surprise him or her by doing something on our list. When they ask why, you can answer, “Just Because!”

  1. 12 Random Declarations of Love for Your Spouse... Just Because!Leave them a handwritten love note. Technology makes it so easy to send a love note via email, but it just doesn’t have the same sentiment as a handwritten note. Leave it on the kitchen counter, their side of the bed, on the bathroom mirror… somewhere they will be sure to see it.
  2. Bring on the compliments! Everyone loves to hear how wonderful they are. And although we can never underestimate the romantic touch of a handwritten note, texting has its perks too. At the beginning of the day, text your sweetie: “20 Reasons why I love you!” Then, send them 20 texts throughout the day complimenting all their best qualities.
  3. Spoil them for a day. Forget about cooking, cleaning, and chores. Let your spouse kick their feet up and relax! Can’t decide on what to watch on TV? Let them choose! Wondering what’s for dinner? Serve their favorite meal!
  4. Give them a massage! Everyone loves getting a massage. So, break out the lotion and scented candles, dim the lights, and let your significant other enjoy this treat!
  5. Go pick up their favorite meal from their favorite restaurant… to go. They say the way to a man’s heart is through their stomach… and the same is true for women! Let them come home to their favorite meal, and we guarantee a smile on their face.
  6. Create a romantic playlist on their computer with songs that remind you of them. Music can be very romantic, and every couple has songs that remind them of each other. For an extra touch of romance, slow dance together.
  7. Serve them breakfast in bed! Who doesn’t LOVE breakfast in bed? It is a great way to put a smile on your spouse’s face as soon as they start their day!
  8. Plan a surprise mini-vaca: A romantic getaway is always a hit! And a little vacation alone together is always good for a relationship.
  9. Write them a poem. It sounds cheesy, but it’s sweet! Even if it’s just a few lines, poems are a romantic and cute way to express your love. And you never know, you may find out you’re a poet and didn’t know it! 🙂
  10. Collect the best pictures of the two of you. Whether you put them in an album, turn them into a scrapbook, or just display them on the coffee table, this is a sweet gesture that will take you on a walk down memory lane together!
  11. Plan a date night. It sounds simple, but it means a lot. Taking the time to plan a night with your spouse is an important declaration of your love. Extra points if it’s a surprise!
  12. Buy them a “Just Because” gift. We usually only send presents on holidays, but what better reason than to declare your love? Wow your spouse with an awesome gift like an I Love You Rose, or Paper Roses with a custom message or photos.

Our busy lives often don’t leave room for affirmations of love; we set aside days like anniversaries and Valentine’s Day for those things. But it is important to show your spouse how much you love them… Just Because.

13th, 14th, and 15th Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year

Need ideas for unique and romantic wedding anniversary gifts for your spouse? At JustPaperRoses, we offer anniversary gifts for almost all years!

In this blog series, we will educate you on the traditional anniversary gifts for each year and showcase some of our favorite products to inspire you!

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13-1513th Wedding Anniversary Gift: Lace

Lace seems delicate, but its intricate patterns, woven together, represent the hard work and patience of building a strong relationship. By the 13th year of marriage, you and your spouse have built a relationship that is complex but beautiful, similar to lace.

For a romantic 13th anniversary gift, we recommend our JustLaceRoses, which are handmade from lace ribbon. We also have our adorable teddy bear holding a single lace rose and our lace desk rose.

14th Wedding Anniversary Gift: Ivory

Traditionally, ivory was the choice for the 14th anniversary gift. However, in modern times, it has been deemed old fashioned, not to mention inhumane. Instead, opt for an imitation ivory gift instead.

One of our most unique creations is our JustTaguaNutRoses, carved in Ecuador. Also check out our teddy bear holding a tagua nut rose and our tagua nut desk rose for other choices.

15th Wedding Anniversary Gift: Crystal

The 15th year of marriage marks an important milestone for couples. Crystal is stunning and valuable, a beautiful symbol of marriage. It represents the dazzling and bright love of staying happily together for this long.

What could be a more beautiful symbol of the 15th year than our JustCrystalChandelierRoses? Made from genuine leaded crystal chandelier drops, this stunning product is one of a kind. Other variations include our teddy bear holding a single crystal rose and our crystal desk rose.

Every year of a couple’s wedding anniversary has special meaning. For more anniversary gift ideas, visit our website!

How to Plan a Memorable Valentine’s Day with your Sweetheart

jpr-5stepsLooking for ideas to plan a romantic Valentine’s Day for your special someone? Here is our guide to make this a day they’ll never forget!

Step 1: Dress the part.
Taking the time to look nice for your sweetheart is an important gesture. It show them you care, and it sets the mood for a romantic night.

Step 2: Choose a romantic location.
Whether you are staying in or going out, romance should be in the air! If you are at home, dim the lights, light some candles, and put on some mood music. If you go out, choose a quiet, romantic place where you can focus on each other.

Step 3: Find a memorable gift.
No Valentine’s Day is complete without a special gift to show your significant other how much they mean to you. Whether you choose a classic bouquet of flowers, a cute and cuddly teddy bear, or another romantic gift, take the time to find something your sweetheart will love.

Step 4: Remove all distractions.
Eliminate anything that will interrupt your romantic night together. If you must keep your cell phone on, make sure you put it on silent. Don’t make your date feel like they are competing for your attention. Be 100% focused on them.

Step 5: Seal the deal.
Don’t forget to end the night with a passionate kiss! (Or maybe more… if you are lucky!)


2014 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide from JustPaperRoses.com

Wondering what gift to buy your valentine? Use our infographic as a guide!

(Click to see a full-size version of the image)


Shop JustPaperRoses.com to get the perfect Valentine’s Day gift today!

Unique & Romantic Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day is coming soon, and we’ve got our list of unique and romantic gifts ready! “Wow” your valentine this year with one of our top 5 picks…



1) The “I Love You” Rose: One of our most popular and talked about products, the “I Love You” Rose is created using advanced 3D printing technology. It is personalized with your message on each of the 5 open petals. This product is available in red, purple, white, pink, blue, and black.

Note: The lead time on the “I Love You” Rose is 4-5 weeks. Act fast to ensure guaranteed delivery by Valentine’s Day!

2) Classic JustPaperRose Bouquet: Paper Roses are a unique and romantic alternative to real flowers that will last longer and can be 100% personalized. You can choose your valentine’s favorite color and create a personalized message to print on the roses. We have 1, 3, and 12 stem paper rose bouquet options available.

3) Unique Photo Roses: A romantic photo of you and your sweetheart is always a great gift, but we’ve added a truly memorable twist. We print your photo on our paper roses to create a bouquet like no other! Like our classic JustPaperRoses, we have 1, 3 and 12 stem options.

4) JustDeskRoses! A Great “For Him” OR “For Her” Gift: We have a variety of desk roses including our lifelike paper desk rose. Everyone loves getting flowers at work, but a desk rose can be a permanent reminder of how much you love your valentine!

5) “I Love You from Top to Bottom” Toilet Paper Gag Gift: Sometimes, it’s best to use this day to have a little fun with your sweetheart! Believe it or not, this roll of TP is a Valentine’s Day best seller. I will guarantee you one thing– it will be a gift your valentine will never forget!