7 Creative & Unique 1st Anniversary Gifts

The first wedding anniversary is an important occasion for any married couple! It marks the first milestone in your marriage and sets the tone for all your anniversaries to come. The traditional first anniversary gift is paper, and we have 7 fabulous ideas for you…

1. lifelike-paper-rosespaper-rosesPaper Roses: Whether you choose traditional paper roses with an accompanying message or lifelike paper roses, this is a keepsake you and your spouse can enjoy forever. You get the romantic sentiment of flowers with the traditional touch of “paper”… It’s still our top choice for a first anniversary present!

paper-desk-rose2. Paper Desk Rose: A first anniversary paper rose with a twist– this product is perfect for your hardworking spouse. If he or she spends more time at her desk than anywhere else, what better remind of how much you love them?

first-anniversary-bear3. First Anniversary Teddy Bear: Our “cute and cuddly” teddy bear is a perfect first anniversary keepsake. He holds a single paper rose and wears a shirt that says, “Happy Paper Anniversary.”

toilet-paper4. First Anniversary Toilet Paper Gag Gift: Do you and your significant other share a silly sense of humor? This gift is perfect for all the “jokesters” out there that would like to share a good laugh together on their first anniversary.


kite5. Paper Kite: This is the perfect gift for couples who enjoy the outdoors. If you are planning a picnic or will be at the beach, this is a wonderful “paper” surprise. The best part is the experience you share together!

picnic_set6. Paper Picnic Set: Plan the most romantic picnic together with our paper picnic set that includes our “Happy Anniversary” messaging. It will be a memory the two of your share for years to come.



7. post-itPaper Anniversary Post-Its: Surprise your spouse by “papering” the mirror, car, desk, or bedroom with love notes for your anniversary. We can’t think of a more creative way to start your anniversaries together!


See these and more first anniversary gifts at JustPaperRoses.com!