16th, 17th, and 18th Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year

Need ideas for unique and romantic wedding anniversary gifts for your spouse? At JustPaperRoses, we offer anniversary gifts for almost all years!

In this blog series, we will educate you on the traditional anniversary gifts for each year and showcase some of our favorite products to inspire you!

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16th Wedding Anniversary- Traditional Gift: Wax

16th-17th-18th-anniversaryIt is common knowledge that candles represent romance. And after 16 years together, romance is just what you need on your anniversary! The burning flame of a candle signifies the glowing love you have for one another; the warmth you give each other; and how you light each others’ way.

Our JustCandleRoses are a romantic and memorable way to honor 16 years of wedded bliss. A single JustCandleRose is available as a desk rose as well– the perfect gift “for him!” We also offer a cute “Happy 16th Anniversary” teddy bear holding a single candle rose.


17th Wedding Anniversary- Traditional Gift: Shell

Shells have been said to represent many things– comfort, protection, satisfaction, and good fortune. Each of these things is related to the 17th year of marriage. After 17 years, there is an element of comfort and stability in your relationship. You feel protected and secure. All of this brings you satisfaction in your relationship, and because of that, you feel very fortunate.

Our JustShellRoses are a unique and thoughtful anniversary gift. We also offer the 17th anniversary desk rose and 17th anniversary teddy bear.


18th Wedding Anniversary- Traditional Gift: Feather

Feathers are the traditional gift for the 18th year of marriage. They represent lightness, agility, and flight. After 18 years, your marriage is smooth and graceful, like a bird in flight. You are wise in your relationship and can soar through the next year a happy couple.

Check out our 18th wedding anniversary gifts, including our JustFeatherRoses, our 18th anniversary desk rose, and 18th anniversary teddy bear.


Every year of a couple’s wedding anniversary has special meaning. For more anniversary gift ideas, visit our website!