Our Top 5 Hilarious Toilet Paper Gag Gifts

Do you and your significant other have a good sense of humor? Our custom toilet paper rolls make the perfect gag gifts for a lighthearted couple that enjoys a good laugh. Check out our top 10!

1. Happy Anniversary Toilet Paper:

Surprise your spouse with our “Happy Anniversary” toilet paper first thing in the morning, and start out your special day with a good laugh! (We even have a special roll for your first anniversary gag gift!)

2. I Love You from Top to Bottom Toilet Paper:


Great for an anniversary gag gift or just because, this toilet paper is our best seller!

3. Love is Sharing a Roll Toilet Paper


We think true love means sharing a roll, don’t you? Make your significant other smile with this hilarious sentiment.

4. Life is Like a Roll of Toilet Paper


Do you know someone reaching an “over the hill” birthday milestone? Give them a good chuckle with this TP– “Life is like a roll of toilet paper. The closer you get to the end, the faster it goes!”


5. 4 “Rolls” of Marriage Toilet Paper


This hilarious toilet paper shows the 4 “rolls” of marriage. Perfect for a bachelor or bachelorette gag gift, this TP is sure to get a laugh.

Our toilet paper rolls make the perfect hilarious gag gifts. Just replace the roll, and wait for the laughter! Check out all our toilet paper gag gifts for these and more!