12 Random Declarations of Love for Your Spouse… Just Because!

You don’t need an occasion to show your significant other how you feel! Surprise him or her by doing something on our list. When they ask why, you can answer, “Just Because!”

  1. 12 Random Declarations of Love for Your Spouse... Just Because!Leave them a handwritten love note. Technology makes it so easy to send a love note via email, but it just doesn’t have the same sentiment as a handwritten note. Leave it on the kitchen counter, their side of the bed, on the bathroom mirror… somewhere they will be sure to see it.
  2. Bring on the compliments! Everyone loves to hear how wonderful they are. And although we can never underestimate the romantic touch of a handwritten note, texting has its perks too. At the beginning of the day, text your sweetie: “20 Reasons why I love you!” Then, send them 20 texts throughout the day complimenting all their best qualities.
  3. Spoil them for a day. Forget about cooking, cleaning, and chores. Let your spouse kick their feet up and relax! Can’t decide on what to watch on TV? Let them choose! Wondering what’s for dinner? Serve their favorite meal!
  4. Give them a massage! Everyone loves getting a massage. So, break out the lotion and scented candles, dim the lights, and let your significant other enjoy this treat!
  5. Go pick up their favorite meal from their favorite restaurant… to go. They say the way to a man’s heart is through their stomach… and the same is true for women! Let them come home to their favorite meal, and we guarantee a smile on their face.
  6. Create a romantic playlist on their computer with songs that remind you of them. Music can be very romantic, and every couple has songs that remind them of each other. For an extra touch of romance, slow dance together.
  7. Serve them breakfast in bed! Who doesn’t LOVE breakfast in bed? It is a great way to put a smile on your spouse’s face as soon as they start their day!
  8. Plan a surprise mini-vaca: A romantic getaway is always a hit! And a little vacation alone together is always good for a relationship.
  9. Write them a poem. It sounds cheesy, but it’s sweet! Even if it’s just a few lines, poems are a romantic and cute way to express your love. And you never know, you may find out you’re a poet and didn’t know it! 🙂
  10. Collect the best pictures of the two of you. Whether you put them in an album, turn them into a scrapbook, or just display them on the coffee table, this is a sweet gesture that will take you on a walk down memory lane together!
  11. Plan a date night. It sounds simple, but it means a lot. Taking the time to plan a night with your spouse is an important declaration of your love. Extra points if it’s a surprise!
  12. Buy them a “Just Because” gift. We usually only send presents on holidays, but what better reason than to declare your love? Wow your spouse with an awesome gift like an I Love You Rose, or Paper Roses with a custom message or photos.

Our busy lives often don’t leave room for affirmations of love; we set aside days like anniversaries and Valentine’s Day for those things. But it is important to show your spouse how much you love them… Just Because.