13th, 14th, and 15th Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year

Need ideas for unique and romantic wedding anniversary gifts for your spouse? At JustPaperRoses, we offer anniversary gifts for almost all years!

In this blog series, we will educate you on the traditional anniversary gifts for each year and showcase some of our favorite products to inspire you!

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13-1513th Wedding Anniversary Gift: Lace

Lace seems delicate, but its intricate patterns, woven together, represent the hard work and patience of building a strong relationship. By the 13th year of marriage, you and your spouse have built a relationship that is complex but beautiful, similar to lace.

For a romantic 13th anniversary gift, we recommend our JustLaceRoses, which are handmade from lace ribbon. We also have our adorable teddy bear holding a single lace rose and our lace desk rose.

14th Wedding Anniversary Gift: Ivory

Traditionally, ivory was the choice for the 14th anniversary gift. However, in modern times, it has been deemed old fashioned, not to mention inhumane. Instead, opt for an imitation ivory gift instead.

One of our most unique creations is our JustTaguaNutRoses, carved in Ecuador. Also check out our teddy bear holding a tagua nut rose and our tagua nut desk rose for other choices.

15th Wedding Anniversary Gift: Crystal

The 15th year of marriage marks an important milestone for couples. Crystal is stunning and valuable, a beautiful symbol of marriage. It represents the dazzling and bright love of staying happily together for this long.

What could be a more beautiful symbol of the 15th year than our JustCrystalChandelierRoses? Made from genuine leaded crystal chandelier drops, this stunning product is one of a kind. Other variations include our teddy bear holding a single crystal rose and our crystal desk rose.

Every year of a couple’s wedding anniversary has special meaning. For more anniversary gift ideas, visit our website!